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Effective: March 24, 2007
Revision Date: May 30, 2007
Revision Date: August 20, 2007
Revision Date: January 01, 2008
Revision Date: March 19, 2010


Thank you for visiting our website! Shay’s Diamonds & Jewelry is based in Sacramento, California and is a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent California corporation. In this privacy policy (“Policy”), we will disclose how we gather and disseminate information via the website (the “Site”) and the methods that we use to maintain your privacy. Shay’s Diamonds, the Site and its parent company are collectively referred to throughout this Policy as “we”, “us” or “our” and we are dedicated to protecting your privacy with respect to sensitive information that we may gather or you may provide.

This Policy is intended to act in combination with and as an extension of our User Agreement and our ‘guarantee’ information along with any and all other information disseminated on our Site. Please read these other documents in tandem with this Policy. The User Agreement controls to whatever extent it may conflict with this Policy and/or our ‘guarantee’ information and/or any and all other information disseminated on our Site.

We reserve the right to change, alter or modify this Policy at any time and for any reason that we deem necessary or appropriate. Any changes made, unless we state otherwise, will take effect immediately.

Any changes to this Policy will be incorporated into this document and the “Revision Date” will be noted above. We will attempt to notify by e-mail, the users of this Site who have provided us their e-mail address, when we change this Policy. We will also post a notice on this Site’s homepage for a period of 14 days indicating that a revision has been made to this Policy. In any case, we encourage you to review this Policy from time to time to see if it has been revised.

By using the Site, you accept the terms of this Policy along with our User Agreement and ‘guarantee’ information along with any and all other information, policies and requirements disseminated and established on our Site. You agree that we may collect, use and disclose information as described in this Policy.

This Policy will apply from the time of your first use of the Site.

1. Available Service Area:

The Site is currently offered for use within the United States of America, Canada and selected international countries.

2. Residency and Minimum Age Requirements:

All users of the Site must be a minimum of 18 years of age or older and considered a legal adult in the country, and/or state and/or province they reside in.

3. Application of Privacy Policy:

This Policy applies solely to our Site and not to any other websites that you may be able to access or link to from our Site. Such other websites may have data collection and use practices that differ from our practices.

4. Information Collection:

The information that we collect varies with your use of our Site. You can freely browse our Site and/or leave our Site without purchasing a product and/or signing up for our Special Hot List newsletter by:

• Using our internal search engine;
• Using any third-party search engine(s) offered on our Site;
• Clicking on our internal page links, product categories and items;
• Clicking on links, banners and/or ads which may take you off our Site.

In such cases, you need not supply your name, contact information, or other personally identifiable information. With respect to such users, we record traffic data that may include, without limitation, IP addresses, date and time of visit, time spent on our Site, specific pages viewed, time spent on each page, search queries and links clicked. This specific traffic data is helpful for marketing and advertising purposes and helps us to improve our Site along with improving each user’s experience on our Site.

When you purchase an item directly from our Site or in person through one of our retail locations, you will provide us with personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”), and you consent to our collection and storage of that Personal Information on our database(s) and server(s).

Personal Information that we collect, store and utilize may include without limitation the following: (1) Identification Data such as your user name and password; (2) Contact Data such as your name, street and/or mailing address(es), e-mail address(es), and telephone number(s); (3) Payment Data such as your credit card or bank account information; and (4) Usage Data such as how you reach our Site, your destination when you leave our Site, when and how you use our Site, your browsing, and/or purchasing history on our Site, searches conducted, links clicked and any other information that you supply through the Site or that you otherwise communicate to us in person and/or through our Site.

When you request and/or subscribe to our free ‘Special Hot List’ newsletter, the Personal Information we collect would be your e-mail address(es) and/or your name and/or your mailing address.

5. Security:

We have taken measures to secure and protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, usage or disclosure. We operate secure data networks to protect your Personal Information and we use SSL encryption and passwords. However, despite our advanced efforts to protect your Personal Information, (both on our Site and with transactions at our retail locations) we cannot and do not guarantee that we will be able to prevent the loss, theft, misappropriation, disclosure, misuse, abuse and/or alteration of your Personal Information.

6. Uses of Collected Information:

When you use our Site, purchase an item (either through our Site or through our retail locations) and/or request or sign up for our newsletter, your Personal Information is collected, stored and utilized. The purpose of collecting your Personal Information is to provide you with a dynamic and customized user experience on our Site along with various marketing purposes. When you purchase an item on our Site or through our retail locations and/or sign up for our newsletter, you agree that we may use your Personal Information to:

• send you mail and/or e-mail regarding your transactions with us and your relationship with us
• send you mail and/or e-mail regarding any transaction on our Site or through our retail locations in which you were involved
• send you our periodic newsletter by mail and/or e-mail (if you signed up for the newsletter offer on our Site or requested it through some other means)
• attempt to prevent fraud or other illegal activities
• enforce our User Agreement
• select promotional banners, advertisements and sponsored links that may be displayed when you visit our Site

With your affirmative consent and/or request, we also will use your e-mail address(es) and/or mailing address to send you messages and/or advertisements with the purpose of promoting our products and/or the use of our Site and/or the purchase of products or services related and/or unrelated to us. You may consent to the receipt of such e-mail when you sign up for our newsletter or at the time you purchase a product from us either on our Site or through our retail locations (promotional materials and advertisements sent by regular mail will not require your consent). You may withdraw your consent at anytime by contacting us at and instructing us to withhold sending you our e-mail newsletter and promotional materials. Also, each newsletter and promotional offer we send you by e-mail will offer an opt-out option with instructions.

7. Disclosure of Information:

We may be required to disclose your Personal Information for the following reasons:

• in response to a court order, subpoena, or as otherwise required by law
• to law enforcement or other governmental officials in response to requests relating to possible criminal or illegal activity
• if necessary in order to enforce our User Agreement
• if necessary to those who assist us in the operation of our Site and our business
• to third parties at your express request
• to our subsidiaries, if any
• to our successors and assigns in the event we merge with another entity or sell our assets to another entity either in whole or in part

If your item is shipped to you, then your name, shipping information and phone number will be utilized and provided on the shipping form used by the carrier who will be delivering your item in which case the carrier will have access to such information and/or may retain such information.

8. Marketing and Third-Party Vendors/Advertisers:

We are the sole owner of all information collected and stored on the Site and/or through our retail location transactions. We won’t sell or rent your Personal Information, without your prior express consent, to any affiliate or third party that might want to market to you. (However, as stated above, in the event we sell our company and/or assets in the future to a third party in whole or in part, that third party may market to you using your Personal Information under the same conditions outlined here). If you authorize us to send you e-mail with the primary purpose of promoting products and services other than the use of our Site, we may send you information regarding products and services offered by our affiliates and/or third parties, but such e-mail will come directly from us, not from our affiliates or third parties. You may then choose to communicate directly with our affiliates or third parties if you are interested in the offer.

We may post banners, advertisements and sponsored links on our Site and search results page that offer products and/or services, offered by us, our affiliate, a third party or other advertisers. Our computer system may match such offers with you based upon your Personal Information and your use of our Site. If you click on a banner, advertisement or sponsored link, you may be communicating directly with our affiliate or third party advertiser, and the data collection and use practices of that entity will control. We take no responsibility for the products, services or advertisements offered on our Site from third party advertisers.

9. Cookies:

We use typical “cookies” on our Site. Cookies are small files that are passed on to your browser and stored on your hard drive. The cookies we use will ultimately provide you with a more convenient user experience on our Site.
Our cookies allow us to recognize repeat visitors and the items and/or pages they viewed. The cookies also remember such things as your user name and password, and any settings and/or preferences you set on our Site. This allows you to navigate through our Site without extra download time each time you visit.

You may prohibit the use of cookies, if the browser you are using allows you to do so, but restricting cookies may interfere with the functionality and navigational ability of our Site.

This Policy covers only our use of cookies. If you link to a web page from our Site, as might occur if you click on a banner, advertisement or sponsored link, there may be cookies placed on that web page that we do not control.

10. Search Engine and Sponsored Links:

We may employ and allow you to use our own custom internal search engine and/or a search engine powered by another company while on our Site. In either case, we may post sponsored and/or advertiser links to your search results page based upon the keywords in your search, your Personal Information, and/or your buying and/or viewing preferences. We take no responsibility for the products, services or advertisements offered on our Site from these sponsored links and/or advertisements and/or third-party vendors. As our search results may be powered by another company, we take no responsibility for the data and presentation of the information being provided.

11. Public Forums and Third Party Disclosures:

Our Site may allow or invite you to use blogs, chat rooms, e-mail programs, message boards, forums, news groups, instant live messaging, and/or similar communication channels. Please note that any information you share in such channels may become public information that is available for others to see and extract. We will not be able to safeguard any information that you provide to third parties, so please act with caution.

12. No Spam, Spyware or Extraction of Information:

Spam (unsolicited e-mail) is unacceptable and forbidden on our Site. Any users/members and/or customers caught spamming, or collecting information on other users/members and/or customers, or otherwise inappropriately using the Site will be in violation of the User Agreement.

13. Opt-Out:

As discussed above in section 6, upon purchasing an item or subscribing to our newsletter, you may choose whether or not you wish to receive e-mail from us that primarily aims to promote the use of our Site and/or the purchase of products or services related and/or unrelated to our Site. You may withdraw your consent from receiving such email at anytime by contacting us at and instructing us to withhold sending you our newsletter and promotional materials via e-mail. Also, each newsletter and promotional e-mail we send you will offer an opt-out option with instructions. We may also choose to use regular mail to deliver such information to you (there is no opt-out option for solicitations and advertisements we may send through regular mail).

We will use e-mail, direct mail, online communication methods, phone and/or fax or physical interaction to communicate with you regarding your relationship with us along with any transactions you may conduct on our Site and/or through our retail locations.

14. Account, Password and Personal Information Protection:

Beware of scam artists who might masquerade as us in an attempt to get your Personal Information. Should we ever need to validate or obtain Personal Information from you, we will contact you and direct you to provide the requested information through our Site using our correct Site address ( Even if the request appears to come from us, do not provide any Personal Information except through our correct Site address. Please contact us promptly to report any suspicious communications you may receive.

15. Voluntary Termination of Membership:

If at some point we create a membership program for our Site, you may terminate your member status at any time by contacting us and informing us that you’d like to terminate your member status. We may retain Personal Information from terminated accounts in our archive files.

16. Involuntary Suspension or Termination of Membership:

As per our User Agreement, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate members and/or account holders of our Site and block their ISP address from accessing the website for any reason that we deem appropriate, including but not limited to fraud, abuse, spam, hacking, unethical practices, improper use of our Site, infringement, theft, continual clicking on ads or sponsored links, automated searches and/or any other violations of our User Agreement. We may retain Personal Information from terminated accounts in our files.

17. Contacting Us:

If you have any questions or comments pertaining to this Policy, please feel free to contact us (please go to our Contact Us page for contact information).